Baby Carriage Full of Beercans: 08/01/2004 - 08/08/2004

Baby Carriage Full of Beercans

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Friday, August 6


Listening to loads of Bill Laswell-related music: Praxis - Transmutations, Shin Terai - Unison, Material - Hallucination Engine, Thanatopsis and loads of Buckethead. At this point, I'm about ready trade all of my old rock music in for more of this genre-busting stuff. So many elements of so many types of music I didn't really like somehow meshed together to make stuff I absolutely love: ambient-dub-jazz-fusion-groove-IDM plus a few others I am afraid to mention for it will surely give the wrong impression. Part of the'"downtown" / "NYC Underground" scene is how I see it described everywhere. From Bootsy Collins to Miles Davis to a man with a fucking KFC bucket on his head.

Also on a non-musical note... (get it?)

Found this cool link for weirdness sake :
I really enjoyed the story behind the conspiracy.

That's all for now. Weeha.