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Thursday, May 27

Sure are going out with a bang though...!

First I've ever heard of a nation-wide movie theatre simulcast of a live concert. Since the Brooklyn shows are sold out, I may just have to pay $12.50 and go to Union Square's theatre to watch the show.

I also just might pay the $149.50 to see that very last show in August.

And, in about 15 minutes, I'm going to watch Trey on Charlie Rose on PBS...

Just some swiped links for storage

>> Everything below is copied + pasted.
I wrote none of it.
It is just an archive of links as described be other people.
Lots of free online books if you're interested, though...<<

I AMs extensive list of Grimoires and other Magickal
Texts as well as some fiction...
Not really so useful, but an good intro for newbs and a spells resource for pros alike.

Here is a link to an underrated book in my oppinion. This is only part 4 which is the most curious in this book.

Golden Dawn:
The Golden Dawn Sanctuary -
The Sanctuary of Ma'at Order of the Golden Dawn® -
Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition -


The Internet Sacred Text Archive -
Norton's Imperium -
The Mystic -

I AMs extensive list of Grimoires and other Magickal
Texts as well as some fiction...

This site is certainly worth a look, althogh it encompasses more
than just CM:

And some more to keep us going:

(esoteric archives)

(Bardon comentary by Mistele)

(Im sure you remember this)

(Chaos and Thelema)

(A site Logos posted, interesting)
(one of the A A sites)

meditation -

astral projection -
dreams -
magick -

Necronomicon links for historical reference:
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
This site has ODD spellings of common names but is the largest link I've found of actual table references complete with transliteration.

Gateways to Babylon
NOTE: This site seems to be a little free with their translations...going so far as to even blatantly make stuff up! But even their fiction is a pretty good read...and I figure if the necro works for you...these might as well


This is a series of links for middle eastern studies...there is a lot of info linked here, but ya gotta sort through a BUNCH of other stuff.

Sumerian Lexicon
Translate the words in the Necro yourself! (NOTE: most of the words in the necro are actually Akkadian )

Sumerian Mythology FAQ (Version 2.0html)
Fair to accurate information...and it cross-references itself for ease of use.

I just found this "looks" good...but could be a bunch of at your own risk!

The Necro in HTML
I've not compared this with my book! (it has audio of Evil Dead *shudders*)

R.C. Thompson, translator [The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia, London

You can actually BUY this book from Amazon or your local B&N!


GREAT site! One problem...most of the content is too current & not related
to anything even remotely magickal
Digitized Titles for Etana>
Electronic Tools and Anceint Near-Eastern Archives. A MUST! Some of these books actually have spells in them!!!

Online books:
(seems to have bandwidth issues )
There are two or three books on Sumer in of them is pretty good!
[QUALITY knives!]

Wednesday, May 26

Bummer, Phish is gone for good

As the message from Trey below shows, the band is done for good. It also seems to indicate that the new album must really suck! That really blows cuz I only saw them twice back in, like, 92-93 on college campuses. Never once saw the huge arena tours. I had gotten so much back into them in the past 2 years that I fully expected to see them at the Garden next time they came around...
Looks like I won't get to.

Really sucks, too, because their side projects are not great. They're barely good.

Ah well, I can still buy up all the old LIVEPHISH cd's ... that should satisfy me for a lifetime. A catalog of over 400 different songs (not including variations) and enough available music to listen to for probably a month or two before you'd have to repeat the cycle... who listens to music 24 hours a day, anyway?


Last Friday night, I got together with Mike, Page and Fish to talk openly about the strong feelings I've been having that Phish has run its course and that we should end it now while it's still on a high note. Once we started talking, it quickly became apparent that the other guys' feelings, while not all the same as mine, were similar in many ways -- most importantly, that we all love and respect Phish and the Phish audience far too much to stand by and allow it to drag on beyond the point of vibrancy and health. We don't want to become caricatures of ourselves, or worse yet, a nostalgia act. By the end of the meeting, we realized that after almost twenty-one years together we were faced with the opportunity to graciously step away in unison, as a group, united in our friendship and our feelings of gratitude.

So Coventry will be the final Phish show. We are proud and thrilled that it will be in our home state of Vermont. We're also excited for the June and August shows, our last tour together. For the sake of clarity, I should say that this is not like the hiatus, which was our last attempt to revitalize ourselves. We're done. It's been an amazing and incredible journey. We thank you all for the love and support that you've shown us.

-- Trey Anastasio