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Thursday, May 6

If you could do it all over again...

I was talking to my friend Adam last weekend about life-type stuff and he came out with my favorite line: "... if I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing..." which is a refreshing thing to hear every now and again. Especially from people you've spent a lot of time with. I feel the same way most of the time. In fact, this seems like a really common thing to say. People who are content with who they are always say this. These are the only people anyone really wants to hang out with, anway. I'm really, like, PROUD of the jerk I've become. You know what I mean, so I won't analyze this statement to death. I think it's a healthy attitude. Certainly beats hating yourself. Or as someone once said, "It's better to regret things you HAVE done, than to regret things you haven't..."

But, man, Adam brought back some crazy memories. That guy has a mind like a vice (which is really appreciated by a guy like me, who has a mind like a sieve!). I've told the crazy acid story a million times about jumping in front of a train, but it's barely what you would call a memory. There is a galactic-sized fog around my late high school/early college years that Adam helped fill in last weekend. And, man, when I went home after our visit, I really realized how glad I was to hang out with him again and found myself really kind of missing "the old days"... and wishing I could remember them better, too. It's kind of like I set everyone up as a character in my head for convenience sake and lost all the humanity each of these characters really had. I guess that's what people are good at: pigeonholing other people. But, hanging out with Adam again started old memories trickling back. It was sort of like Romper Room (you remember that show?): "I see Jeff and Ally, Terry and Val, Martin and Jerry, crazy naked frisbee man and Tracy, Drunk George and Ira, Kristen and Trish, Spliff and Tim... man, there's a lot of faces I see in my head right now, but I can't remember the names. So many people who were just as fucked up as I was, in retrospect. But, to me, everyone ELSE seemed "normal" and I was on the verge of loosing my noodle. There was a lot of fuckin' people in Potsdam, NY that I "knew" ... but good god, what kind of a lunatic must I have seemed? ("Oh, hello everyone, I'm too high to converse with you at the moment, so I will go outside and smoke to get away from you... or, I will talk about music because that's about as intelligent a conversation you're going to get out of me...")

Anyway, I started thinking about Adam's statement and rolling it over in my twitching melon. If I could do it all over again, I believe I WOULD change things... A LOT of things! I don't particularly CARE if "life experience creates the people we become." I think I could have taken an easier route to the person I am. No? Hmm. Shit. Maybe not. I really am happy with my perception. I'm actually at a point where I feel neither young nor old, but juuuust right. I want to stay here, stop time and live forever, yet somehow learn more every day.

It's so great that we get the chance to realize we're confused and want to understand our situation better. From that point on, it's up to us. You'll never get out of this maze. All you can do is keep trying, keep realizing "shit, that didn't work" and try something else. I guess the best way to do that is to say, "fuck it," and risk making huge mistakes that you'll regret. Hopefully, you learn something and don't "die trying."

But, ya know, I still have regrets:

1. I regret I never had the balls to ask out the "really hot girls" all the time when I was younger.
2. I regret I never had the balls to interview for a dream job.
3. I regret I never had the balls to perform in more bands.
4. I regret I never had the balls to quit my cushy job when the economy was great and risk it all on something far more interesting.
5. I regret I never had the balls to CHEAT ON A GIRLFRIEND. I don't know if it's "balls" or "morals," but I fucking WISH I had cheated on every single one of my ex-girlfriends. What the fuck?

Amazon Wishlists

Ever just decide to get real creepy and start perusing other people's Amazon wishlists? I never really have, but I always knew it was a possibility and so have tended to keep my wishlist chock-full of fucked up shit (as well as a useful storage bin for things I might actually like one day). At one time, I had about 10 books on "how to get laid" at the same time when I had another 10 more books or so on "childfree living" (my favorite book I found was called "I'm Okay, You're A Brat").

Anyhoo, I have waited/wanted forever to see if anyone would mention my wishlist to me (or send me something GIFT-WRAPPED! EVEN BETTER!)... nope... Ah well. It is less fucked up than it has been in the past because I weeded it down to things I might actually buy one day, but just now I got the idea to really look for people I haven't seen forever on Amazon Wishlist.

I'm pretty sure this wishlist is not from the Leslie Sutter I know... nor is this one!... Although, I guess I could be wrong...

And here's the wishlist of a gal I dated for 2 weeks in high school, who supposedly ran off and joined a Satanic cult in California, bathed in blood and put a curse on me! It would figure that her wishlist is so negative!

Looks like Moe from Atomic Number 76 has some interesting taste...

You'd have to know the guy, but there's no way in hell this wishlist is by the same Terry Wooten that I know!

All in all, nobody's beat mine for oddness. And, sadly, most people I thought up did not have wishlists for me to peruse. I encourage anyone who is bored and weird to finally start stalking people by their Amazon Wishlists. It was about as entertaining as Friendster was.

MY BLOG was Reviewed! (mentioned briefly)

I feel special. In the short time I've been blogging, I actually rose to the attention of Virtual Insanities, who featured me out of a handful of blogs that are "all about the rant". Pretty awesome! Click the link and scroll down til you see Communities - The Rant (his April 7th entry) in big type. There you will find Doctor Strange listed among four other blogs: The Ranting Rationalist, johnny's ranting on gaming, The Ranting Pseudo-Grad Student, and Slowpoke Blog. Not bad company. I likeee.

Tuesday, May 4

Aleister Crowley Movie In The Works! Yeah!

This is going to be one hell of a cool movie! Crowley's life was fascinating, even if you DON'T think he was busy raising demons and shit.

Monday, May 3

Web Links for Adam and Lily

I feel silly posting this because it's pretty old news, but Homestar Runner / Strongbad is still probably the funniest thing on the internet, even if it is kind of old. I was talking with my friends Adam and Lily this weekend about Subservient Chicken and Liquid Generation and when I mentioned Strongbad, nobody knew who I was talking about. "Time to check da email..." was the funniest damn catch phrase to me for quite a while.

At this point, there's a lot of catching up to do, but Homestar Runner / Strongbad still rules. I can't figure out why it hasn't been converted to a Comedy Central cartoon or something:

Homestar Runner main (choose from cartoons, games, etc).
Strongbad's Email (my favorite)