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Thursday, May 6

Amazon Wishlists

Ever just decide to get real creepy and start perusing other people's Amazon wishlists? I never really have, but I always knew it was a possibility and so have tended to keep my wishlist chock-full of fucked up shit (as well as a useful storage bin for things I might actually like one day). At one time, I had about 10 books on "how to get laid" at the same time when I had another 10 more books or so on "childfree living" (my favorite book I found was called "I'm Okay, You're A Brat").

Anyhoo, I have waited/wanted forever to see if anyone would mention my wishlist to me (or send me something GIFT-WRAPPED! EVEN BETTER!)... nope... Ah well. It is less fucked up than it has been in the past because I weeded it down to things I might actually buy one day, but just now I got the idea to really look for people I haven't seen forever on Amazon Wishlist.

I'm pretty sure this wishlist is not from the Leslie Sutter I know... nor is this one!... Although, I guess I could be wrong...

And here's the wishlist of a gal I dated for 2 weeks in high school, who supposedly ran off and joined a Satanic cult in California, bathed in blood and put a curse on me! It would figure that her wishlist is so negative!

Looks like Moe from Atomic Number 76 has some interesting taste...

You'd have to know the guy, but there's no way in hell this wishlist is by the same Terry Wooten that I know!

All in all, nobody's beat mine for oddness. And, sadly, most people I thought up did not have wishlists for me to peruse. I encourage anyone who is bored and weird to finally start stalking people by their Amazon Wishlists. It was about as entertaining as Friendster was.


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