Baby Carriage Full of Beercans: Increasingly, I find the need to spread my non-committal approach to nothingness far and wide

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Tuesday, April 6

Increasingly, I find the need to spread my non-committal approach to nothingness far and wide

1. Your "personality" is simply a computer / robot with a "memory" device known as a brain that records your experiences. Your history and experience is not what "drives you," nor is it really "what you are." You feel pride that YOU are YOU, but this is ignorance. What drives you is nourishment (air and food), which flow through your body and brain cells, where you collect your history and experience. The energy of the nourishment flows through the neurons and enlivens the "memories." It is like electricity flowing through a computer: igniting and "starting" your programs. Everything you believe is "you" is just a collection of experience, which can be changed at the drop of a hat.

Your personality HAS changed over the years, correct? You've built other programs on top of your old programs. Each program modifies the prior ... but, at any time, the whole "system" could be easily destroyed, given a significant jolt (i.e. brainwashing, trauma, etc.).

The most basic energy which sustains all these "thoughts" would be the "substance" you consider "yourself." Your "thoughts" are simply PROGRAMS which act within a larger "Operating System." They are not YOU, because "YOU" can be changed according to the program which is being run at the moment. What you "identify with" is simply a collection of programs which operate independently ON TOP OF a pre-existing OPERATING SYSTEM. So then, the OPERATING SYSTEM is what is actually YOU.... What YOU ARE is the energy that runs the programs, because the programs can be "upgraded" over the years... and in certain instances, specific programs become completely OBSOLETE-- but YOU still live!

Therefore, YOU ARE NOURISHMENT. You are simply the force which runs the programs. You are the PRIMARY OPERATING SYSTEM that runs the programs. As such, you are the AIR you breath and the FOOD you eat! Stop eating, you die. Stop breathing, you die. Eat or breathe the "wrong stuff" and you become "screwed up." Eat prions from a mad cow or smoke a little weed and all of a sudden, you're a "different person." If you eat enough of the wrong stuff, you will ingest a virus which eventually kills the entire operating system: you are dead or diseased.

2. Religion all says the same thing (see #1). And, if you strip away the PROPAGANDA of conflicting religious doctrines, religion simply says #1.

3. You are part of a "conscious universe," proliferated by consumption of the vital (air and food [energy]). A fraction of NOURISHMENT sustains "YOU" (air and food).

4. "God" plays "hide and seek" with himself through a variety of bodies and throughout a variety of experiences. The conscious universe experiences itself by separation. (If we are not talking about "air and food," we are talking about charges of elementals and the interaction of separate bodies, which feed on the same sustenance.)

It's simple and simply bizarre, but only understood if you understand #1. This is religion. Yet, religion pits robots against each other, based on the "programs" each "computer" decides to run.

5. #1 is simply called "meditation" in all its forms. Meditation = a kind of thought and a thought is nothing more than a program based on a prior operating system. In order to run any of these programs, a specific operating system is a necessary foundation, based on a 0/1 or yes/no logic. In the case of life, 0 (no) = starvation and 1 (yes) = nourishment.


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