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Thursday, April 1

Carlos Castaneda is PURE CRAP!

About 10 years ago, when everyone was reading The Celestine Prophecy, most of us knowing full well that it was nothing more than fiction, I read or heard somewhere that, "if you liked Celestine Prophecy, you'll love Carlos Castaneda's 'Don Juan' series." So, I guess it was 10 years ago that I bought the first book in the series. As I remember it now, it was "okay," but didn't prompt me to go out and buy more... nor do I remember it being the "real deal" at all, but mainly about the ingestion of different drugs.

Well, recently, I saw references to Castaneda's "Journey To Ixtlan" twice (the 3rd book in the Don Juan series) by 2 people whose words I actually respected, Tom Marshall and Ramsey Dukes (keep in mind, neither Tom nor Ramsey said "Journey To Ixtlan" was a great book or anything, they were simply referring to it. So, last night I picked it up at Borders. Man, am I glad the cashier pointed out that I can return it within 14 days for any reason for a full refund. I will be returning it later today, after work.

As soon as I started reading it, I thought, "This guy is lying. He's just telling a story. This is supposed to be real or something?" I read the first 4 chapters, then I flipped to the end of the book and read the last 3 chapters (these are the chapters which deal with the "reality" of Carlos Casteneda's experience of "stopping the world" without drugs of any kind, meeting a spirit coyote and all other sorts of horseshit. Naturally, at the very end of the book, Carlos has the opportunity to "tackle his ally", but decides not to. I suppose an ally is supposed to be like your Holy Guardian Angel or something, but after a brief discussion with Don Juan and some other Done Genero (sp?) dude, Carlos decides he's just not ready for such a freaky, sad ordeal. Of course not! Either he's saving it for a future book in the money-making series, or else he realizes that he doesn't want to claim this level of spirituality, since he couldn't back it up with any real experience or knowledge. It has to be quite an ordeal to keep all your lies straight throughout a series of 10 books or so.

Man, this was the most obvious bullshit I've ever read-- and I've read A LOT of occult literature. Wow. I am actually shocked that people recommend this book (or any of Carlos Casteneda's books). I'm not EVEN going to finish reading it for kicks.

If you're one of the people who has been duped by this man, check out this fascinating website which gives a blow-by-blow of his various lies and explains where he got his ideas from.

Total conman. I think I remember Howard Stern making fun of him, now that I think about it. Carlos was charging a fortune for some bullshit "magical passes" class or something like that, as an old man trying to make ends meet.


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