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Thursday, March 25

Re-write: Phish and Hell's Angels (soberly this time)

Is Mike Gordon a pedophile?

1. The young girl told police that Mike didn't do anything bad to her and her father (the Hell's Angels leader) is on drugs (from here -- I'm not sure if that means that drugs were supposed to have impaired her father's judgement or what, so don't blame me for that statement).
2. The girl's parents and Mike Gordon released a joint statement saying, that after many conversations, they have come to the conclusion this was all a big misunderstanding.
3. Mike made a brief court appearance and walked out a free man.

Case closed, I say.

As far as the Hell's Angels go,If I thought this was a widely-read site, I sure as hell would be a lot more careful with what I say. I posted my previous blog entry out of boredom, while drinking beer and listening to Phish late at night. Most of my posts here are just drunken rambling.

It's not fair to judge the Hell's Angels by their bad press. That would be stereotyping them all as criminals and hot-heads. And besides, that is one group I certainly wouldn't want to piss off! Check out Hunter S. Thomson's "Hell's Angels" and some other book synopses here. Who in their right mind would want to make themselves an enemy of the Hell's Angels? Not me. In my earlier days, I used to have a fantasy of becoming a Hell's Angel, in fact. Kind of like my fantasy about joining the Freemasons or Ordo Templi Orientis. If I knew what these groups were really all about, maybe I'd have made the effort to join any one of them by now. I'm sure that I'm not tough enough to be a Hell's Angel, but the idea of being a free-wheeling badass certainly beats 9-to-5 working in an office. I've walked past the Hell's Angels' NYC headquarters and wondered what would happen if I knocked on the door. Would I get my ass kicked just for disturbing them?

But, no, I don't think the Hell's Angels should be outlawed. America certainly wouldn't be "the land of the free" if groups were judged and outlawed for the actions of a few members. But, I don't think it's a stretch of the imagination to consider the notion that the Hell's Angels might have beat the shit out of Mike Gordon FIRST and asked questions later, seeing that they were frantically searching for the daughter of a LEADER of the Hell's Angels and found her in a remote area with a freaky-looking weirdo. In fact, I don't even think the Hell's Angels would be offended by this idea. Maybe I've got it all wrong, but my impression is that "if you fuck with the 'Angels, you're going to get your ass kicked." And Mike Gordon certainly did fuck with them, by taking their 9 year-old daughter for a ride on his scooter without at least informing them first.

No doubt about it, Mike showed "poor judgement," as they said. But, with the crazy fantasy lifestyle he's led for the past 20 years, I bet he shows poor judgement all the time. Kind of like David Crosby? Maybe this little incident brought him back down to earth a little bit.

I do still wonder, though, what the connection is between the Hell's Angels and rock n' roll. Maybe there is no real connection to the music industry any more than there is for any other person, but somebody hired them as security at that famous Altamont festival and now here they are again backstage at a Dead show. I doubt these are the only 2 incidents where they've been in close quarters with huge musical acts. I know they ride bikes and live a free lifestyle, but are they somehow connected with the music industry? Do rockers just generally view them as friends in that "sex, drugs & rock n' roll" kind of way or what?

I mean, when I see a biker, I definitely think of rock n' roll, but if I was in the Rolling Stones or the Grateful Dead, I'm not sure I would actually ever come in contact with a Hell's Angel. Why? For the same reason that I would be too afraid to knock on the door of local Hell's Angels headquarters.


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