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Wednesday, March 10

Familiarity breeds contempt (so imagine what breeding must do)

I wanted to see if I was a lone, crazy nihilist, so I started looking around to see if there were any groups of people out there who seemed "normal" and were not into the baby-making scene. Turns out, I'm a normal realist and there's plenty of people out there just like me.

I was happy to find that there are at least a few groups out there who are "against" child-having as a PERSONAL choice, but not as far-out-there as groups like the Church of Euthenasia or The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT).

What gave me the MOST hope yet, is a book called....

The Childless Revolution (2001)
by Madelyn Cain
From Amazon: A fascinating and incisive look at a growing demographic: women without children. Due in part to birth control, later marriages, and the emergence of two-career couples, 42 percent of the American female population is childless, representing the fastest-growing demographic group to emerge in decades. These women are reshaping the definition of womanhood in a fundamental way, yet they are largely misunderstood. Whether childless by choice or by chance, they are alternately pitied and scorned, and are rarely asked directly about their childlessness; like the elephant in the living room, childlessness is a taboo subject.

42%! Dude, half the women out there don't want kids! More than half of that half is probably located right here in NYC.

Believe me, I have no intentions of opting out of my current relationship, but if my gal decides she just needs a god damned baby more than anything else, at least I know there's half a chance that I could find someone out there who has no interest in baby-making (that half a chance is actually 42% of the chance that I can find anyone at all to be with...) The likelihood of finding another person out there I really "click with" is pretty slim and the odds that this person is also anti-baby are even slimmer... but at least I know there's a LOT more women out there than I suspected who don't want kids! Yay!

I would suggest all you fuckin' baby-lovers go out there and read a book called

The Parenthood Decision (1998)
by Beverly Engel
From Amazon: Deciding whether or not to become a parent (and if so, when and how) is one of life's biggest decisions. For some people, the choice to have a child is intuitive -- something they've always known they would do. Nonetheless, questions arise for them. How can I know if the time is right? What are my real reasons for wanting a child? Are my motivations questionable? For others, the question is whether or not to have a child at all. What if I want to parent and my partner does not? Am I capable of being a good parent? Is my partner? What about money issues?

Judging by the 1 and 2 star reader's responses on Amazon, I would say that this book cuts through the bullshit "magic" and "wonder" of the biological impulse to "make a little miracle" and may actually shed a little light into the minds of people who seem to want to have kids regardless of how poor their current outlook is and how many fucked-up mental problems they have.

At least I know I'm nuts. As Cat Stevens said, "I can't keep it in. I can't keep it and I gotta let it out."


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