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Friday, February 6

Woody Allen Is A Strange Feller

I caught some 20 minutes randomly of Wild Man Blues the other day. Now there's a movie I never thought about watching. Cameras basically follwed his New Orleans Jazz band through a small European tour (I guess, I only caught 20 minutes). Wood Allen thinks a lot of himself when he's not acting like a neurotic dork in one of his movies. It was bizarre watching his early morning conversations with his former daughter-turned wife about how people perceived him. At one poine his daughter-wife said something about his celebrity role as an "older gentleman" and he corrected her by saying, "well-loved older gentleman." His daughter-wife actually seems smarter than him sometimes, explaining to him certain social graces (some might call it "nagging," but the relationship seemed more like Larry David and his wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm-- in other words, Woody seemed like a dipshit.)

20 minutes was enough and I flipped to something else, but I was surprised to find that Woody was basically the band leader and he could play his clarinet quite well. I like New Orleans Jazz (or is it called Dixieland?) and have liked it ever since I saw Killing Zoey back in high school. After 20 minutes of Wild Man Blues, I went and found my Pee Wee Russell Cd and popped it in. Since then, off and on, I've been downloading free + legal mp3s off dixieland jazz bands' websites.

So, for the past few months I guess I mostly listen to classical music and now I'll mix it up with a little dixieland jazz. I'm rockin' pretty hard.


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