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Friday, February 6

Steve Jobs Is My Hero

I love most of what the guy does with Apple. As head of Pixar, he told Disney to suck it last week, as he closed negotiations on continuing their relationship going forward. He released a very tactful statement, actually, saying that Disney would not be a part of Pixar's future successes. Now, it turns out, some people at Disney want to kick out Eisner and hire Steve Jobs as the CEO.

I love that! It's kind of like when Wilco's record label cancelled their contract with the band, after paying 100's of thousands of dollars for the studio recording and then REHIRED them the very same month under a sister label, essentially paying for one recording TWICE. That's got to be some kind of record (pun intended).

Also: I had a job recently where I was forced to use a PC (a Sony VAIO and a Dell) and HOLY SHIT did they suck balls. I'm not unfamilar with Windows-- it's just as easy to use for me as either OS 9 or OSX on a Mac. The computers themselves just sucked compared to even the G4 Quicksilvers I use at work and home (nope, neither has dual processors and neither is a G5). I understand that PCs are an economical solution and good for most word processing and web-related minigraphics bullshit, but MAN oh man, I predict some big changes from Microsoft in about a decade-- copying Apple once again, of course.


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