Baby Carriage Full of Beercans: Sheryl Crow Must Be Murdered

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Friday, February 6

Sheryl Crow Must Be Murdered

We can not risk the possibility of her ruining another classic song the way she has already ruined Cat Stevens' "The First Cut Is The Deepest." This song used to be one of my favorites of his, but hearing Sheryl Crow's whiney rendition 500 times a day on the radio has just about ruined the song for me forever. I suppose it doesn't help that the women in the office love to sing along with it under their breath, but that's actually Crow's fault, too. If she didn't record the damn song, it wouldn't be on the radio, and women wouldn't be singing it under their breath and annoying the fuck out of already annoyed-as-fuck coworkers.

Basically, every time that song comes on now, I just leave the office for 5 minutes.


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