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Thursday, February 5

Remember Acid?

Nobody seems to believe me these days if it should ever come out that I did the stuff over 100 times. And I'm not exactly bragging about it these days. But the fact that nobody AT ALL seems to believe this fact almost kills the fun of having ruined my brain in the effort to go "even further," since the memories are so incredibly vague that I might has well have only bothered to do it a mere 20 times or less.

The only thing I have to go by is the fact that I happen to remember sitting down with one of my regular tripping partners and figuring out that for 2 years straight we'd done it just about every weekend, after realizing that a person's brain needed about a week to rest up for the hallucinations, etc. to be "worth it." Occasionally, we'd do it a couple times in one week and the overall period of time we used the stuff spanned about 6 years (my first trip in 9th grade, my last trip in my sophomore year of college). But, for 2 years straight (somewhere between mid-11th grade and the summer after freshman year of college), we were doing it religiously on the weekends. 52 x 2 = at least 100 times. I would guess 130 in all, usually 2 or 3 hits, but occassionally up to 6.

There was a time when I thought everyone in the world should do acid at least once. Now, I would have to say that's probably not such a good idea. It is, in the immortal words of a feller I know, "like someone took a magnet to my brain." Not permanently. I feel fine, it's just that all the fun stories I thought I'd be telling my grandchildren is a bit foggy. Besides, like everyone else, they probably wouldn't believe me!

Anyone with acid stories, please feel free to leave a comment.... AFTER STARING AT THIS
...and reminiscing.


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