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Thursday, February 5

No Logo by Naomi Klein

I just sold this book online. As I was packing it up, I was almost sad. I made $6 by selling it. Big deal. It was really interesting, but annoying to be interested in. Why annoying? It's an in-depth examination of the greedy business I happen to be a part of as an art director/designer and the nasty consequences of the "nothing personal, it's just business" approach to getting the "most" out of your existence, monetarily speaking.

Before Trump started saying "nothing personal, it's just business" every week on The Apprentice "reality" series, I had a boss for 4 years who said that all the time to everyone with an "innocent" naughty child grin. Pseudo-buddah senses tingling. Business is personal because it involves people, whether or not you pretend this particular set of human relationships is a simple game of Monopoly, survival of the fittest or whatever.

Anyway, No Logo was a good book. Now that I'm getting rid of it, I wish I finished it, rather than skim the last 3 chapters. For a mere $6. But, I probably would have never gotten around to it, anyway.


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