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Monday, February 2

If there's one thing I enjoy, it's not the other things

For anyone who might have or have had a fascination with "demons," be they inner or outer, some interesting and productive ways of exploring what your problem is might be H.A.M.R. or Ray Sherwin's Theatre of Magick and Book of Results. I could list obvious choices like RAWilson, NLP, Austin Osman Spare, Phil Hine and Peter J. Carroll (and I guess I just did), but in all honesty, the most interesting things I've found to explore the Twilight Zone just happen to be free or almost free. The one major exception is the newishly-published collection, Ethos, which will set you back about $30 if you order it from The Master Game has a nice way of summing up a few dozen traditional concerns about this sort of Creative Psychology that makes a nice, cheap primer instead of reading a few hundred studies of comparative beliefs and comparing the "sacred texts" your own damn self.


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