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Saturday, February 21

Freaky Movie-Based-On-Play Alert

The Shape of Things is a movie from 2002 - 03 that features "Phoebe's boyfriend" from Friends in big-nose make up and double-chin makeup and glasses and some other actors. And, and, and. There were only 3 others actors, to be exact, the same ones who performed the original play this film is based on. Sure, there are background extras, but they don't count.

The fact that this was based on a play explains why I thought the acting was terrible at the start of the movie; it was the over-acting theatrical style of acting so that people in the back rows can see the nuances of the performance. Still, it was annoying enough that I wandered out of the room to go look on the internet to see if I could find the Spun soundtrack online. To my dismay, there was never a soundtrack released for the movie, though it had one of the kickin'-assinest soundtracks I've ever heard! Man, I searched long and hard. And hot and sweaty. I was wearing birth control! There is only an "unofficial soundtrack" that was posted via mp3s on the movie's website's message board when it was first released. Annoying. Annoying sentence I had to write just to explain that. But, not as annoying as reading this must be.

So, back to the movie The Shape of Things... I went and made coffee and sat back down, casually watching the movie and simultaneously reading The Cave of The Ancients by Lobsang Rampa (some douchebag who pretended to be a guru who was really an English Sci-Fi writer in the 60's-- and yet, people believe he really is somehow a reincarnated Buddah!).

Suddenly, I noticed that the movie-based-on-a-play had become really interesting. It wasn't turning out like I thought it would at all.

By the end of the movie, I decided that anyone who has any interest in Art should watch this movie. I enjoyed it, though it was annoying. But, not as annoying as what I've just written. I want to become a movie critic.


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