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Friday, February 6


Some really weird spacewarp I've been in lately... For the last couple years, I've been reading a lot of RAWilson stuff and Discordian stuff and so the concept of the "eschaton" is not something foreign to me. Somewhere along the line, my interest in the numinous led someone to suggest RAWilson. My interest in RAWilson led someone else to suggest AOSpare and my interest in AOSpare eventually had me looking into the "Chaos current."

Well, just recently, since I put up my Blogger (a week ago?) I've noticed a "Fresh Blog" called ESCHATON. The first time I saw it, I thought, "ha, ha, cute," but frankly I grew tired of that word a long time ago. I kept seeing this ESCHATON blog, though, so I finally checked it out and it appeared to be an anti-bush blog. **(An eschaton is the "world as we know it... right... NOW!" So, every moment, the world is ending. There goes the end of the world. There it goes again. And again. Etc.) So, anyway, in RAWilson's "Illuminatus" trilogy, this group is trying to "immanentize the eschaton," meaning "bring an end to the world as we know it" (like that REM song). So, this ESCHATON blog is trying to bring about the end of the Bush-era world. I like that concept.

Anyway, once I checked out what the blog was about, I was satisfied and figured I'd never return. So, now check this out (here's where it gets kind of strange to me):

When looking to read more conjecture about multiverses and chaos "reality," I have been known to check out Chaos Matrix, which has just about all the information you could want on the subject, including free e-books and lists of suggested reading. Some time ago, I came across a suggested reading list from some guy named FIRECLOWN which was actually called "Fireclown's Basic Book List." I thought that his list looked promising since I had at least heard about a few of the authors on the list during the course of my own research and I figured one day I'd get some of the books. Well, I lost the link to Fireclown's list, so some time later, I Googled "Fireclown's book list" because "fireclown" was easy enough to remember. Well, it turns out this Fireclown guy's book list was reproduced ALL OVER the web, so I figured people must respect this guy's opinion. I decided at that point to definitely buy something on the list that I didn't already own.

I decided to buy "S.S.O.T.B.M.E.," which was #5 on Fireclown's Basic Book List basically because I already had read 3 of the first 4 books and nothing on the list interested me more than the description Fireclown gave to the curiously-titled "SSOTBME," which was described as one of the ur-texts of the Chaos current AND, when I looked it up on, it had a cover featuring the artwork of AOSpare, of which I am a big fan. When SSOTBME finally came in, I was surprised to see FIRECLOWN'S quote on the actual BACK of the book AS A REVIEW:

"This book made me realize I was a magician, not insane. Or at least both a magician, and insane. Great, funny, a Grimoire disguised as an essay, only 96 pages long ( I like short books, and often, short women), as well as the best book to give to people if you want them to think you are smart and goofy, as opossed to stupid and psychotic. Find it. Buy it. Read it blind drunk the first time, maybe the second time too..."


I thought, "Who the hell is this Fireclown guy?" Both Phil Hine AND Peter J. Carroll (well-known and respected authors in the Chaos current) had been quoted with favorable reviews on, yet this guy who goes by the name of "FIRECLOWN" is the one they actually choose to slap on the back of the book?! So, today I Googled "who is Fireclown?"

It turns out that a very prolific sci-fi writer by the name of Michael Moorcock wrote a book in 1965 originally called "Fireclown" which was later changed to "The Winds of Limbo." This gets more interesting to me because, in this novel, the Fireclown was sort of apocalyptic figure of chaos who came to destroy everything. In the beginning of the book, you think the Fireclown is against the political systems and the unnatural way of life we live, but it turns out that the Fireclown is against human intelligence and really just wants to wipe out everything because intelligence is unnatural. That's a pretty intersting concept with some pretty interesting connections to authors like RAWilson and AOSpare and Discordianism. It's interesting in relation to psychology, religion and any sort of spirituality in general.

So I start reading more about Michael Moorcock and find out that his 40+ sci-fi novels all involve the same archetype of a "superman"/god character, though he goes by different names and is presented differently in every sci-fi universe Moorcock decides to write in for the moment. Ultimately, this archetype is fighting a futile battle to destroy the world or destroy chaos, but it's a never-ending cycle throughout many universes in many times and places. I can't believe someone made a career while sticking to a theme (albeit it different each time) over a stretch of SO MANY BOOKS. That's truly impressive.

What's also impressive is that it turns out Michael Moorcock has worked with several musicians on several occasions, including Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind, and influenced dozens of others, probably including the band Fireclown, I would guess. Also, apparently, one of his scripts is being turned into a movie, probably thanks to the success of all the Philip K. Dick adaptations and Lord of the Rings movies.

But, what's most interesting of all to me, is that on Michael Moorcock's website, if you scroll to the bottom, you will find on the right side, a box that says ESCHATON and that box is indeed a list of the updates on the ESCHATON BLOG.

My, my... what a small world multiverse.