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Saturday, February 28


"Crazy, toys in the attic, he is crazy..." goes the music in the background by a band I had once written off as "lame" on an album I had completely written off as "totally lame" several years ago. Listening to it now, it is hard to imagine why or how I could have ever thought that. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the album is Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Suprise, suprise, I am actually going to call this "high art" from now on, in contrast to the entertaining novelty acts like so many of the other bands I had once held in so much higher regard. I suppose 12 or 15 years is enough span of time to change your mind about something. I am guessing that I simply did not like The Wall because I was introduced to it by people I considered wastoid idiot losers. I suppose it is possible that I have now developed into a wastoid idiot loser and this is why I have finally come to regard The Wall with the same sort of awe and enthusiasm as a high school stoner who can't be bothered to brush his teeth or bathe and takes advantage of one-legged chicks.

But, I wonder if these high school stoners really had any depth of understanding when they listened to The Wall. I know I only sort of vaguely "got it," but then again, I wasn't trying too hard to "get it" anyway, since I had already written it off. Slow music just seemed ponderous to me back then, I guess. Although, now that I think about it, these same stoners had introduced me to Black Sabbath, which is also quite slow. (There's another interesting flip-flop for me: growing up in the 80's, I first saw the Blizzard of Oz version of Ozzy on MTV and on faded t-shirts of kids who went to BOCES, chewed tobacco and did wheelies down the street on their junkyard BMX bikes. I decided Ozzy was a loser. Then, somehow, I got the idea that Ozzy was cool, once I saw a film of Black Sabbath during a middle school music class where it was described as "acid rock." ACID ROCK! Now, there's a cool term I had never heard before. I thought it sounded more "badass" than "hard rock" or "heavy metal," but had no idea what acid actually was at the time. Then, I met these stoners who gave me acid and played Black Sabbath in the van as we drove around in a fishbowl with wheels staring at the outside world. Then, I decided Ozzy was definitely cool.)

But, anyway... The Wall is one of the few examples of music that is utterly depressing which is totally uplifting. I am getting old.


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