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Baby Carriage Full of Beercans

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Tuesday, February 24

Designer Wanted Ad

"You must be highly organized, articulate and be able to bring out the best in yourself and others."

+ Well, it depends on how organized, intelligent and personable the others are.

"You must be comfortable sketching, thinking broadly and conceptually while working in a team environment."

+ Yeah, that sounds easy, but you know it's annoying. They have a certain style of "sketching" in mind and want you to be overflowing with ideas.

"You must also be comfortable doing consistently great work. You must be super proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop."

+ In other words, "we'll get rid of you as soon your ideas appear to have dried up. Why do you think we are constantly looking for designers on Creative Hotlist?"

"Strong project management skills are also required."

+ Because we're just raking in an easy paycheck while we put our hired help through the ringer.


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