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Monday, January 26

MUSIC + GAMES (bored but not really)

If you're like me, you're a boring person because only boring people get bored. Too old to drink like I used to without looking like a homeless person, I have decided to occupy my time with other things like candy stand and sporkle. I've never been fond of video games really, except old, old, old style arcade games like pac-man, galaga, r-type, arkanoid, etc. Thankfully, those games can be played in their all-original glory right on your computer with emulators like macmame. No more of that shitty Atari pac-man or that damn Palm Pilot "Gobble" (although, don't get me wrong, I like Gobble quite a bit on the subway-- Hardball is my new favorite, though).

Back to the point, you can find me into the wee hours of the morning sometimes playing multiplayer billiards eightball or multiplayer bowling over at the aforementioned If you find yourself up against "13" or "FU" or "PP" or "CU" or "QT" or "00," those are just a few of the names that I (along with everyone else there) have come up with for initials. If you're shooting pool at 2 am with "FU", who knows? You might just be playing me. Over at Sporkle, I happen to be obsessed by the incredibly slow-moving and hard-to-control pegball and I often play with people from New Zealand for some reason.

It's no wonder I have no free time for excitement like real-life bowling or billiards. Or even hanging out with my girlfriend mindlessly watching TV. It's like a trance. Like the old ladies at their slot machines. Just keep playing.

Also, I got something at work from Marlboro's new "record label," The Copper Label, featuring 12 songs by pop standard roots rockish Americana bands I've never heard of. But, since it mostly sounds like Swag, Wilco, New Pornographers, Richard X Heyman, Fountains of Wayne, Dandy Warhols, a lot of March Records bands and tons of other stuff I've been listening to for the last 5 or 6 years, I'd say this was a pretty good deal (free)! Sure, it would be easy to want to hate a dopey marketing gimmick slapped together by Marlboro. It would be easy to assume all the bands were talentless, soulless, faker wannabes. Frankly, it would be too easy. A cop out. And fairly disingenuous, too, since the songs are well-crafted, well-played and well, well, well, Marlboro isn't shoving rap-metal up my ass. I can see some music snobs putting this down in that superior manner only to discover years later that one of their new favorite bands was actually on that Marlboro CD. Too bad for them. Suckaz.


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