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Friday, January 30

Graphic Design

Annoying and Overdone Elements and Phrases Associated with Graphic Design.

Diagonal Arrows - Honestly, it served no purpose to begin with. Who's the idiot that started this trend and what was he trying to point to? The future of lameness?

Numbers As Letters - Y34H, 7H47'5 JU57 50 R34LLY C00L. And meaningful, too!

Bad Flash Vectors - With a Wacom tablet and Flash, it is now easy to create mediocre vector graphics in the blink of an eye. It's the new "style." No, wait, it's just a super easy way to draw poorly. There are good Flash vectors and there are bad Flash vectors. I'm talking about the bad ones. The ones where the illustrator has depended on the "smooth curve" or "sharp corner" properties of the pencil tool and essentially creates a lame, continuous-width stroke outline drawing. It can look cool sometimes, though, despite itself.

Super Tech Whatever - There's two versions of this: the multiple-layers photoshop "sci-fi lasers" look where everything looks like a mess in some kind of confusing, overblown futuristic environment (often fast-motion blurs are involved, tiny "computer data" type, thin lines and repeating shapes). The other version of "Super Tech Whatever" is straight Illustrator/Freehand Vectors that involve simple and repeated shapes (lots of circles), lines and many chopped up and recombined polygons with the overall effect referencing moving parts in simple machinery (like the inner workings of an audio cassette), race car lines and abstract, meaningless logo marks. Combined with some fake vector paint drips and a recognizable form, such as a hand or person, you suddenly have....

Urban Graphics - Graffiti is boring, but here's where stuff starts to look interesting. I don't mind urban graphics so much. I'm not much of a hip hop guy, so that says something, I guess.

**Many examples of the above can be found on any website where designers are invited to participate, like or

"The Art & Science of" - Falls in the category of "use other words, please." Incidentally, the phrase, "use other words, please" also falls into this category as this has become a popular put-down on thee ol' interweb lately. Also note, terms like "thee ol'" and "interweb" are equally annoying and played out, as are the terms "played out," "played," "done," "done-to-death," etc. This could go on forever, so I'll stop here.

No wait, I have one more:

"Are you married to it?" and "Well, I'm not married to it." - The phrase that has become the annoying replacement for really liking a concept (i.e. "loving it" leads to "marrying it.") Interestingly, this cutesy expression is never used in a positive declarative form such as, "I'm married to it" or "I'm married to this idea" or even, "I like that so much, I think I'll marry it!" This brings me to the conclusion, therefore, that this is nothing more than an adult evolution of the childish wisecrack, "Well, if you love it so much, why don't ya marry it?!"

Why did I bother to make that list? Because when trends come in, I'm forced to follow them to some extent for clients who think it's wicked cool. Everything has its place... but not really. If you'r copping an urban look because you're a hip hop act, maybe it's time to do something different. But, I like the Chapelle's Show graphics on Comedy Central. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not married to anything. And I'm bored.


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