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Saturday, January 24

Alice Donut

Been listening to Alice Donut for the past week. The band was nice enough to put all 7 of their old albums online in mp3 format [ go here ] and I was lucky enough to discover it in time to download them all.

I've always wanted to hear more of them and now that I have, I'm pretty sure that this would have been an all-time favorite if I had stolen "Donut Comes Alive" instead of "Hairway To Steven" when I was a kid. They got your fast, your psychedelic, your hard as hell headcrushers and funny tunes about nonfunny subjects, too!

I'm not sure why a band this great is so obscure. Maybe they made the mistake of staying on Jello Biafra's record label. I mean, Jello Biafra. Come on! I for one wouldn't have intentionally bought anything from Alternative Tentacles since the age of 15 or so. Let's face it, those bands suck (don't they? I wouldn't know! I never listen to them!). One might assume, by taking a look at their great cover art (and by that I mean "bad"), that they put about as much effort into marketing their music as Helios Creed (another obscure but awesome mofo).

Anyway, yeah, this band probably would've been my favorite at some point. Every album is pretty different, though all negative as hell in a fun and rocking way --and I don't do the negativity rock these days (well, as much as I *should*, anyway).

If you go about downloading, let me recommend the following "mix" (and don't forget to WAIT FOR THOSE CHORUSES! They're the best!):

1. Lydia's Black Lung - donut link
2. Mother of Christ - donut link
3. Egg - donut link
4. Untidy Suicides - donut link
5. Hang The Dog - donut link
6. The Tingler - donut link
7. Magdalene - donut link
8. She Loves You, She Wants You - donut link
9. Annie's Empty - donut link
10. I Walked With A Zombie - donut link
11. Dreaming In Cuban - donut link
12. Big Cars & Blow Jobs - donut link
13. Green Pea Soup (about Linda Blair) - donut link

#'s 1, 10 -13 = fun rock tunes
#'s 2 - 6 = pretty heavy and loud
#'s 7 - 9 = how many alternative bands were Alice Donut fans, anyway?


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